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Gratefully sponsored by the
located at 200 South Hallett Avenue
Swanton, OH  43558
Troop 208 meets at the Murbach-Siefert American Legion Post Hall on Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm. 
2014 Events
P   August 5th ~ Troop Meetings restart
A     7pm at the Scoutmaster's house
C     for the month of August  
K   August 12th ~ Troop Meetings 
website August 19th ~ Troop Meetings 
August 26th ~ Troop Meetings 
Labor Day break
Memorial Day pictures September 9th ~ Meetings resume at
the American Legion Hall @ 7pm
August 2014 NEWSLETTER
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updated 07/20 For more information you can contact:
07/21/14  UPDATED our LINKS with information about Distracted Driving Prevention & Resources.  Thanks Crissy for the information!! 208Webmaster@swancreekdistrict.org
updated 07/21/14
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